"A Positive Vision Creates Positive Growth"

Newspaper Article in "Die Burger" on 28 June 2006

Derick Broekhuizen started his first company, Broekhuizen Metal Pressings cc in 1999, on a shoe string budget in a rented factory with one press.

Today, Derick Broekhuizen is the proud owner of two large companies in Cape Town: Broekhuizen Metal Pressings and Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies.

Broekhuizen Metal Pressings cc not only specializes in the design and manufacture of pressed automotive components, but also offers production facilities for punching, blanking, cropping, forming, deep drawing, threading and riveting. The tool division specializes in the design of small to medium press tools.

Over the past 7 years, the company has grown to such an extent that it now employs 27 people and has a range of 21 presses to suit their customer requirements. The company recently purchased an H-frame Mechanical press with a capacity of 150 tons. This 5m high machine weighs more than 16 tons and a special foundation had to be constructed.

In 2005, Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies was founded due to the increasing demand of gutter accessories and now employs 13 people. The company designs and produces domestic and industrial components of a world class standard. Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies distributes to all guttering companies throughout South Africa.

Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies is investigating the export market and have already sent two large consignments to the UK.

Broekhuizen Metal Pressings and Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies offer the highest standard of expert advice, specialized knowledge, modern equipment and a skilled workforce. Both companies are SABS compliant and are proud of their 100% on time delivery service.