Manufacture of Rain Chains Continue at Broekhuizen

Broekhuizen Metal Pressings cc have taken over the manufacture and distribution of the very successful rain chains from Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies. Latest article in the August issue of Home magazine

Rain chains

Rain chains offer a highly attractive and unique alternative to traditional aluminium or PVC downpipes.

The concept is simple, rain chains transform ordinary gutter downpipes into beautiful water features, whilst adding expression and character to a gutter system breaking the fall of the water and sounds great!

Although rain chains have been used in Japan for more than 100 years, they are now manufactured and sold in South Africa by Broekhuizen Metal Pressings cc in Cape Town. Available in two different designs, made from copper and brass materials, it comes in a standard length of 2,7m complete with the gutter attachment piece and can be shortened.


The chains are easy to install. A wire clip sits in the gutter over the downpipe hole. The centre position of the clip is bent in a V-shape to extend below the hole and the rain chain itself attaches to the bottom point of the V. Broekhuizen also sell the copper dishes in two sizes which anchor the chain, provide drainage and enhance aesthetics.

We have again been innovative in adding another product to our list of recent successes!