Hulamin Limited Buys Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies

Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies started in 2003 as a division of Broekhuizen Metal Pressings cc, but had soon established itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of gutter components in South Africa.

Due to the huge success and rapid growth of the company and the increasing demand for gutter components, Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies was founded in 2005 as an independent company. The company relocated to entirely new premises measuring 530m² with state of the art machinery, which included 5 mechanical presses and 3 hydraulic presses as well as a staff complement of 12 employees.

Derick Broekhuizen, owner and founder of Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies, was instrumental in creating and achieving the success the company celebrated since inception. With his dynamic attitude and innovative approach to new market ideas and constantly keeping abreast with the latest trends in the guttering industry, Broekhuizen maintained its position as the leading supplier of gutter components in South Africa. The company took pride in manufacturing components of the highest standard and quality, and also exported gutter components to the UK on an annual basis.

As a result of the company's success and achievements over the years, it was inevitable that a company such as Hulamin Limited would eventually approach Derick Broekhuizen and make an offer to purchase the company. After much thought and consideration it was decided in December 2007 to sell the company to Hulamin Limited as they have the infrastructure to establish the company throughout South Africa.

We believe that Hulamin Limited will continue to build on the success and accomplishments with the acquirement of Broekhuizen Gutter Supplies and that they will be able to take the company to even higher levels of success. Derick wishes Hulamin Limited all the success that he had and more in the future.